Why Getting a Hair Consultation is a MUST

Consultation is Power!!!

It is the make or break of your hair journey and we take this very seriously.

A style consultation is the foundation to all Hair Transformations, irrespective of whether you are looking for a big change or just a subtle change, a style consult is absolutely vital

A true consultation is where we ask you a lot of questions, trust me when I say lots of questions, because we do. Now, we do not ask you these questions because we are nosey, but we ask you these, as its really important for your stylist to understand you, your like and dislikes.

So, what are some of these questions and why do we ask you these?

We want to know …

What do you like and what don’t you like?

So we can suggest colours and styles, we know you will like.

How often can you visit the salon?

We want to know, how often can you come into the salon for appointments, no point going in for a style that requires 6 weekly appointments when you know, you can only visit once every 3 months.

We want to know about your lifestyle

Your lifestyle and Job, really important as, if you are a chef as an example and need to have your hair up all the time, then a fringe might not be such a great idea.

What does your make up and wardrobe look like?

What colours do you wear on an everyday basis. You don’t want your hair colour clashing with your wardrobe or make-up, you should look at colours that will complement both.

How much time can you spend on styling your hair every day?

5 mins, 20 mins or are you a wash and wear girl?

Your skin tone, hair type, EVERYTHING

Your skin tone, face shape and the colour of your eyes are some of the other factors that will play a role in what style or colour is good for you.

Your hair in its natural form, is it wavy, straight, curly or fine.

Once we know all of the above plus lots more that is when we can make some suggestions for you and create a style that is designed to suit you.

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