When frizz is the first thing people see and your worst nightmare

When frizz is the first thing people see and your worst nightmare

Here’s how to decide on the best hair smoothing treatment for you!


It’s the new year and you’re probably ready for a new do – or at the very least, tame the mane.

And what better way to feel sassy, confident and like a new woman then to get your hair looking lush, silky and frizz free!

But we know how busy you are and we know how much time you DON’T have to fuss with your hair, that’s why you’re probably considering a hair smoothing treatment.

Because who wouldn’t want to wash and wear?

Can you imagine…waking up, jumping in the shower, and then walking out the door with wet hair?! It’s inconceivable!

2 hours later you check the mirror to see how your hair is drying and you’re delighted to find that your hair LOOKS AMAZING!! Hello smooth, silky, frizz free hair! Where have you been all my life?

The cool thing is, this can actually be your everyday reality. Yep. No make-believe over here. You can experience smooth, silky, frizz free hair EVERY SINGLE DAY if you wanted to.

And if you’re anything like us here at Maelstrom Hairdressing & Beauty, you want to!


Auckland may be beautiful, but it sure knows how to get a girl’s hair into a frizzy…


So, by now, you’ve probably investigated numerous hair smoothing treatments.


You’re tired of blow drying your hair for hours, followed by your hair straightener, only to walk outside and have your hair transform into a 1970’s afro – no thanks.

You want simple and easy, BUT WHAT DO I CHOOSE?!

We decided to make it a little easier for you.

We’ve broken down the best and WORST parts of chemically straightening vs a gentler smoothing treatment – which results suit you better?


Chemical Straightening:


Also known as permanent straightening, chemical straightening uses chemicals to penetrate your hair to break down the structure of the hair follicles. This way, your natural hair can be restructured and manipulated to create your desired look.

To simplify it even more, the chemical treatment is performed at a scientific level where we are breaking and reshaping the natural form of your hair.

So, if your hair is wavy or curly and you want it dead straight, the chemicals do their thing and then we manipulate your hair so that it becomes straight.

In having this treatment done to your hair, you are also combating the frizz and giving yourself a low maintenance hair do – straight.

Because this treatment is permanent, you have to wait for it to grow out if you want to make any changes – so be REALLY sure that this is something you want to commit to long term. And if you decide chemical straightening is the way to go for you, then you need to maintain the look with regrowth touch ups.


Smoothing Treatments:

Also known as Keratin treatments, smoothing treatments are not permanent in nature. They are protein-based treatments that are designed to smooth, strengthen and nourish your hair. Your hair generally keeps its natural form.

If your hair is naturally straight but super frizzy, after the smoothing treatment it will look almost dead straight – but without the frizz (YAY!).

If your hair is naturally curly then your curls will remain intact but again, without the frizz (double yay!). The beauty of the smoothing treatment with curls is that your curls become more defined and shapelier – brushing and washing your curly mane just got easier!

If your hair is naturally wavy then you can expect to keep your waves and volume – have a relaxed hair do without the frizzy addition.

Now, because smoothing treatments are not permanent, they will wash out and they will need regular treatments to keep your hair looking smooth and silky.


So, the real question is – do you want low maintenance dead-straight hair with no frizz or do you want low maintenance natural looking hair with no frizz?

Both smoothing treatments achieve the same easy, care-free, frizz-free look.


And both require regular maintenance.

But only one will give you the results you desire – which one do you choose?

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  1. Moana on July 5, 2019 at 9:31 am

    How much for both treatments please ? My hair is short, just below my earlobes..
    Also my 11 daughter has a afro curly hair, I need to know how much will it cost to smooth her hair but still keep her natural hair without the frizz?


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