We might have heard this a lot – “Protein treatment is good for your hair,” “You should try to get a protein treatment to nourish your hair,”  but do you know what protein treatment is and why should you be getting it?

We all know that our hair is made up of 95% keratin. Keratin is known as a fibrous, helicoidal protein, which is like a helix. Keratin is an insoluble protein, meaning this protein does not dissolve in water. While the other components of our hair consist of 18 amino acids such as proline, threonine, leucine and arginine.

So, what is protein treatment then? Protein treatment consists of keratin and other amino acids found in our hair. Getting a protein treatment is highly recommended because it strengthens hair, helps prevent breakage, repairs damage, and restores elasticity. Protein treatments are helpful to people who are regularly having their hair coloured or using hot hair equipment on a daily basis.

Why do you need to have regular protein treatments?

1.High hair porosity.

People have different hair structure and if you are one of those who have high hair porosity, then you should be getting protein treatments right away! Having a high porous hair means that your hair is like a sponge and it absorbs water. This means tiny holes in your hair and you have lost most of its proteins. Protein treatment repairs the damaged hair and makes your hair less porous.

2. Losing hair elasticity.

Losing hair elasticity is another sign that you should get a protein treatment right away! How do we check for hair elasticity? Get one strand of hair then wet it and pull it. If the strand breaks when pulled, then you know that you have lost the elasticity of your hair. Protein treatment helps the hair in losing its elasticity by strengthening its strands.

3. Sticky hair.

Have you ever felt your hair is sticky? This is another sign your hair should get a protein treatment. This is because it means that your hair’s internal is damaged. This can happen if your hair is chemically processed too frequently or your hair has suffered an excessive amount of damage. Protein treatment moisturizes the hair because it restores the lost proteins.

4. Flat or limp hair.

If your hair feels flat and or limpy, then here is another sign that you should get a protein treatment. Protein treatment takes away the dullness and brings the hair back to life by making it thicker and healthier.

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