Hair colouring has been popular than ever. There are a lot of shades to try however, if you are quite new to the colouring world, then you may want to try getting a hair gloss.

What is a hair gloss?

A hair gloss is a temporary treatment that can help your hair achieve richness, depth, and dimension. It helps even tones and makes your hair shine.

Why should you try a hair gloss?

  • 1. Hair gloss repairs your hair’s damage.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to hair damage such as hair products, heating tools, chemicals, sun and chlorinated pool (especially if you have been swimming a lot in the summer). Hair gloss repairs your hair and makes it return to its healthy texture.

  • 2. Hair gloss not as harsh as hair dyes.

Hair dyes contain ammonia and can make your hair dry. Hair gloss closes the hair and the cuticle real tight. The result is a very smooth surface texture that will reflect a lot of light and will have a softer feel to it.

  • 3. Hair gloss helps tone down your hair colour.

If you had a hair colour recently, a hair gloss is the best treatment to get next as it tones down the colour of your hair, taking out the brassy colour.

  • 4. Hair gloss is hair colouring without commitment.

Getting a hair gloss is maintenance-free as it is not same as hair dyes which you need retouched every six weeks. Hair gloss is also safe if you want to change your hair as it does not interfere with any type of chemical change you want to do in the future

  • 5. Hair gloss has faster processing time than hair dyes.

For a quick hair fix, hair gloss is perfect for you as it only has 20 minutes processing time. Not only did you have a new hair tone but also you have your hair softer and silkier. So, it’s a WIN WIN!

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