Hair type is essential in choosing the hair products that is right for you. Without knowing your hair type, the hair products would be a waste. In fact, according to hair stylists, most hair problems start from simply using the wrong product for your hair type. Now the question is, how do you determine your hair type? Here are 5 factors:


When finding out the diameter of your hair, you need to check one strand and see how thick it is. If you take one strand, rub it against your fingers and don’t feel anything then you have fine hair. If you feel the hair while your rub it, then your hair is medium and if you feel a thick, strong strand then your hair is coarse. However, the diameter does not mean that you have thin hair in general. This determines how your hair is and will make it easier to choose the right product. For example, if you have a thick strand, your hair is more prone to frizzing, making you choose an anti-frizz shampoo.


Even if you have fine hair but have a lot of hair strands then you still have thick hair. Density refers to the number of strands you have. The density does not rely on the diameter of your hair. By knowing both diameter and density, it will be easy to narrow down the product types you should use.


Porosity refers to the ability of your hair to absorb water or product. To give this a test, get a strand of hair and place it in a basin of water. If the strand sinks then your hair is highly porous but if it doesn’t sink, your hair is not porous. Blonde tends to be the most porous that is why it needs more moisture.


The elasticity of your hair determines how healthy it is. Testing this is by pulling a strand and stretching it. If the strand stretches by 30%, then your hair is healthy but if it breaks, then you will be needing a strengthening treatment to nourish your hair.

Hair Shape or Texture

Hair shape refers to how naturally straight your hair is. For example, if you don’t notice ant creases on your hair, then it is straight while if you have a slight crease then your hair is wavy.

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