What do you do when those “grays” hit you?

So you found your first grey, no biggy hey, you probably plucked it yeah? Sorted! But now it’s come back with a vengeance and invited all it’s friends to the party and they’re taking over… Whhhhyyy!!?? Don’t worry, it’s not cause you plucked it, it’s just part of life… But that’s no consolation, so the real question is, what now? You don’t wanna rock gray streaks (least not the natural kind yet, anyways)

This is a story we hear every day & I’m here to tell you it’s all good & there are plenty of options! (AND I’m in the same boat, I’m 31 and am offended and how much grey I have!!)

Those with darker hair colours are always hit hardest with this because the contrast of colour is so obviously, it’s all good for the first two week post colour you’re laughing, then comes the GT stripe straight down the middle where the light hits!! 6 weekly colour touch ups are now way too far apart…

So here are some tips for you to try at home. Firstly, try adjusting your part, have a play around by moving your part from one side to the other, and see if your greys are less predominant in another spot. A lot of people find they have a ‘patch’ in a particular area, so just avoid parting in that spot. Sure, it will take a little time to retrain your hair to sit the new way, so to help that along, make sure always part your hair in the new direction when it’s wet. If you’re letting it dry naturally & find its keep flipping over your face & back to the other side, use a bobby pin, or pin curl clip, to secure it over. You might also need the front section cut again, so it sits nicely on the new side, that’s easy done & will take us about 5-10 minutes. If you’re blow drying, use your brush to drag the hair over and if you can, use your brush to help, once it’s dry, give it a little blast with cold air, to help it really set. We’ll gladly show you have & let you have a go when your next in. Another cool tip is to ‘zig-zag’ your part, this helps to create a little volume, which means the light won’t directly hit the straight part line, helping disguise those sneaky streaks. Use your tail comb, or a pencil (even your eyeliner pencil with the lid on), imagine ‘drawing’ a zigzag line on your scalp with the narrowest/pointest end of whatever your using, the lift the comb or pencil up & then move your hand back, your hair will fall from side to side. Failing all this, there are plenty of options out there for in between hair “mascara” or powders (kind of like coloured talc), which can be a life saver if you’ve got an event a week before your colours due, and they’re sticking out like christmas tinsel. You simply style your hair as you like, then apply the product to the area you want to cover. It’s not a super nice feeling, usually dries a bit chalky & stick to the scalp, but when the night is over, you can just brush it through to break it up then shampoo it out.

But what if your blonde?? Well, you’re lucky in a way, because at least blonde is light and so are your greys, meaning less contrast, but it’s still annoying. Use the same ‘zig zag’ parting tip above & sus out if you have one side that’s less affected than the other. If you’re a blonde who has a full tint, it might be time to pop in a few highlights as well, these will be lighter than your tint, helping to create even less contrast, which helps to blend your greys. If you’re a foil lover, and every 6 weeks is getting too long in between visits, talk to your stylist about the option of popping in at the 3 week mark post full foiling appointment, just to have a few strategically placed foils around your hairline and part, just to get you through in between, this should take about 1 to 1.5 hours of your time, including a blow dry .

We can give you an exact price depending on your exact needs & whatever is best for you!

The same option is also adored by many of our darker hair clients, they pop in at the 3 week mark after their normal colour appointment and have what we call the ‘t section’ tinted, we simply apply the colour to the regrowth only where you see it, so, your part and around your face, that way when you pull it back or wear it out, your secret of being grey is kept safe. Depending on if you’d like your hair blow dried or not, this can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes and cost between $65 (without blow dry) – $90 (with blowdry, depending on the length and thickness of your hair).

I know it can all seem like a hassle, be much easier if we didn’t go grey until we wanted too! But let’s take it as a privilege not everyone is afforded & know that there’s plenty of things to help hide it!

To make it all a bit simpler, we offer personalised packages and tailored memberships, where you can have a set amount debited from your account so you don’t even need to think about it, it will already be paid for when you come in!

Win, win!

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