Want To Go Blonde ? Things To Consider Before Taking The Plunge

“BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN”, It is a known fact that blonde hair is eye catching and a beautiful blonde will turn heads. Going blonde and maintaining blonde is a commitment and requires some extra TLC . Regular salon appointments to keep your blonde looking fresh and the right hair care becomes absolutely non negotiable. So here are a few things to consider before committing to this transformation.

What Is Your Desired Blonde Shade

When considering a hair makeover a good start is to look at some pictures and create a pin board of colours you like. Have a selection of few different shades. Take the pictures to your appointment and discuss the possibilities with your stylist.

Just saying ” I want to go blonde is meaningless” blonde comes in a variety of shades, it could be blonde with warm tones, blonde with cool tones or blondes with an ashy tone. Be specific and take your time to research.






Choose Your Blonde Shade 

Your skin tone plays an important role when deciding what shade or tone of blonde be good for you. If you have fair skin then ashy blondes will be a good choice, if you are warm skin tone then look at blondes with golden hues.









Do You Wear Make Up 

Your make up may need a bit of tweaking, or if you do not wear make at all you may have to start wearing make to compliment your new blonde look. Unsure of what colours will complement your new blonde, ask your stylist or consult a make up expert.









Your Natural Hair Color 

The natural color of your hair and its texture matters, when it comes to how soon you can achieve your dream blonde colour. If you are naturally dark and want an ashy tone, while this is totally possible it make take a few sessions. Each stage will be pretty and beautiful however may not be the color you want.

The transition from dark to blonde does take time, how long depends on firstly the natural color of your hair. Secondly on whether there is any colour build up from previous colors and lastly on the texture and condition of your hair.

While, it is possible to take you from dark to blonde in a day, it may not be in the best interest for your hair.



Ask For a Bond Additive 

Lightening services (bleaching) will weaken the strands and can cause your hair to feel dry and brittle. In some cases may cause breakage. The lighter you want to go, the stronger the peroxide strength with be required, which means more stress on your hair.

A bond additive such as Olaplex, Redken PH Bonder, Bond Fusion or Structure Plex is an absolute must when considering a lightening service . The bond additives are designed to the keep the Ph of your hair at its normal level during the chemical service (bleaching) thereby strengthening the inner bonds of your hair and keeping them intact. It will prevent your hair from any damage and will also help your blonde to look healthy and vibrant.

Think of it as “HAIR INSURANCE” absolutely non negotiable !!



Be Honest With Your Stylist

During the consultation, your stylist will ask you a lot of questions, it is super important to tell them absolutely everything about your hair and its history. Something as simple as whether you wash your hair with town supply or tank supply could make a huge difference. Your stylist is there you help you achieve your desired results as soon possible. The more you can be transparent, the better the journey will be. Tell them about any and every color job you have had ( Salon or home), all home care products you have used and also about any chemical services you have had, such as Chemical straightening, perming keratin etc.


Your At Home Routine

A hair make over is no different to undergoing cosmetic surgery. You will need to amp up your home care routine. Using super market shampoo and conditioners will impact on how your hair will look and how long your new color will last for. Not just this, shampoo’s with sulphate will further dry your hair effect its porosity which in turn will have an impact on your follow up visits.

So the bare essentials will include the right shampoo and conditioner, a weekly mask, leave in conditioner purple shampoo and heat protectant.




Protein & Moisture 

The two essentials when it comes to keeping your hair nourished. Lightening services (bleaching) depletes both protein and moisture in the process. Keeping the balance right is super critical. While lack of moisture will leave hair looking dry, excess of it will cause it to look limp. Lack of protein will cause hair to look dull and lifeless, cause breakage excess of protein can leave hair dry and brittle. Keeping this in balance is extremely important, your stylist will be able to assess this and advice accordingly.







Resist The Temptation of DIY 

Going blonde, is more then slapping on a box of bleach on your hair. It is tempting to pick a box from your local pharmacy and pay $20 instead of a few hundreds at a salon, but would you ever attempt surgery on on your body ? NO, then why would you do that to your hair.

Hair colours and makeovers have a lot of science behind it, leave it to the professionals.

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