The Reason Your Hair is Thinning And Ways to Make it Thicker

Hair thinning may be a scary experience especially if we don’t know the reason it thins out. According to the American Association of Dermatologists, about 50 – 100 hair strands fall normally. However, if we experience more than that, it could be that we are:

Not getting enough nutrients

Not getting enough nutrients in our food can be a reason of hair thinning. Nutrients like protein and biotin are essential for hair growth.

Using harsh products in your hair

Not all hair styling products can help nourish the hair. Products with harsh ingredients can damage your tresses to the point it falls out.

Here are ways to make your hair thicker:

Eat right and take hair supplements

Eat more food that contain protein, biotin and omega-3 like eggs, avocados, nuts and berries. Also, adding selenium to your diet promotes hair growth and makes your hair healthy.

Avoid hair products with parabens and alcohol

Parabens and alcohol can trigger hair loss as these dries out not only the hair but also the scalp.

Get a creative hair cut

This can help people with fine hair. Getting a creative cut like adding layers or having a bob cut, can make hair look thicker and add more volume to it.

Consider getting hair colour

If you have fine and thin hair, getting a hair colour can make your hair look thicker. The hair colour can be strategically applied to add dimension to your hair. For example, highlights take out the contrast of the dark hair, making it look like there’s more hair. Getting light foils will add more dimension to your hair.

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