So, you’ve gone blonde – now what?

How to keep your blonde looking vibrant and fresh AFTER your salon appointment

So, you just stepped out of the salon with your new blonde do – and hot damn you look fabulous!

It’s taken you two salon appointments to achieve this perfect shade of blonde and you are loving life! Like, can you lay down the red carpet please, I’m ready to walk to my car now.

That’s so great. It really is the best feeling. And I want to make sure that glamourous blonde bombshell feeling lasts for the weeks between salon touch ups and beyond!

Because, unfortunately, when we aren’t a natural blonde, our natural hair isn’t able to hold our blonde tone forever – we need to maintain it at home by having the best homecare routine possible! And no, it doesn’t need to be extreme or expensive.

To understand why it’s super important to maintain your shade of blonde at home, let’s look at what happens to your hair once it’s been lightened.

Basically, during the lightening process, the natural colour of your hair (pigments) are essentially watered down and broken down to leave you with that ‘bleached look’. But your natural colour pigments are still around, they’re just diluted.

Next, you have a toner put through your hair to give you the desired shade of blonde that you are after. The fresh colour tends to hang around for a few weeks until the toner starts to wash out. You see, the toner has a combination of different coloured pigments to create the different shades of blonde, and one of the prominent pigments is blue. Blue also happens to be one of the first pigments to wash out and fade away, leaving you with a brassy, dull blonde.

If you’re naturally lighter, your fresh blonde will fade into yellow tones, while if you’re naturally darker, your blonde will fade into an orangey – red.

That wasn’t the look you were going for, was it?

And that’s where home care comes in!

It doesn’t matter how incredible your hair stylist is, they cannot change the chemistry of your hair to hold the exact blonde you are after. Which is why not only do we recommend regular touch ups at the salon but also doing a few things at home to maintain your blonde for longer and in-between appointments.

Step one: Use a purple shampoo and conditioner (or treatment)

The purple shampoo and conditioner are the perfect way to put those blue and purple pigments BACK into your hair to help avoid those brassy tones. You can use a shampoo and conditioner or depending on the condition of your hair, you can even introduce a purple treatment which is a deep conditioning treatment.

If overused, the purple range can add a purple or blue tinge to your hair so no more than once a week is recommended.

Step two: Use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for coloured hair

I can’t stress this enough. Not all shampoo and conditioner were created equally. And there is a difference between supermarket bought and salon bought – but that’s a whole other topic.

Shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair has ingredients in them that support the hair to retain the added colour longer. If you use the wrong brand or the wrong shampoo and conditioner, you could end up stripping your hair of all its toner faster – you definitely don’t want that!

Step three: Protect your hair from the sun and chlorine

I’m not saying never step foot in the sun again, but there are so many amazing products that you can put through your hair to protect it from UV damage. And if you are jumping in the pool for a cool down, try to keep your hair up, with a hat on.

Step four: Keep your hair healthy

Healthy hair holds colour better. Make sure you keep up your hydration and protein-based treatments at the salon and always ask your stylist if there is a home treatment you can take with you. Always use products that will protect your hair if you are using heat tools for styling and be sure to come back to the salon for regular touch ups and trims to keep your blonde looking vibrant and fresh!

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