Introduction to Balayage

Balayage is a free hand technique. Your stylist can create a custom look to compliment and highlight your best feature. You can go as bold you like or keep it subtle. The roots grow out naturally so there is no regrowth lines. You won’t need regular touch ups to keep it looking fab.

Balayage Vs. Highlights  

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Highlights or Foils are great if you are after a full uniform blonde look. As this is a uniform technique, the roots grow out uniformly creating a regrowth line. This does require regular touch ups in order to keep your blonde looking amazing.

Balayage Vs. Ombre

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Ombre hair, dark roots transition into lighter ends creating a gradient effect. Balayage is more a free hand technique where highlights are placed all through your hair. Leaving darker pieces throughout creates a more natural looking result.

Will Balayage damage my hair?

Balayage is a free hand technique that involves lightening your hair using bleach. Bleaching your hair doesn’t have to mean it will damage your hair. As long as the bleach used is good quality and your stylist knows what they are doing there will be no damage.  Chemical services need skill and experience, so definitely not something you should attempt yourself. Do your research and choose your stylist carefully.

Is Balayage right for you?

The great news is Balayage is a free hand colour technique and its perfect for all hair types. Whether you have short hair or long hair you can absolutely rock a balyage.

Short hair: Balayage looks absolutely stunning on short hair, whether you have a pixie cut or short bob, adding a few balayage highlights will add dimension and texture to your hair, giving you an edgy look. 

Long Hair: Balayage is extremely popular with long hair. Balayage will had movement to your strands. Go bold or stay natural, great way to brighten your face with some face framing highlights.

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