Looking after your new hair colour does not have to be super complicated. Sometimes despite our best intentions, such as washing your hair too often, forgetting to wear a hat when in the sun, not using heat protectant when heat styling or using the wrong products can make all the difference and cause your color to fade faster than it should.

Here are some simple things that can help keep your colour looking fresh and fabulous for longer.


Choose The Right Shampoo & Conditioner

Your choice of shampoo, will have a direct impact on how long your colour lasts.Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. It is crucial to make sure you say NO to Sulphates.

Sulphate is known to not only strip your fresh colour faster than it would normally fade, but also strips the natural oils from your hair leaving it feeling and looking dry.

Ask your stylist on what would be the best shampoo and conditioner, for your hair type.

Within the Redken range : Frizz Dismiss, Colour Extend and High Rise are a few that are sulphate free and safe to use on coloured hair.

Look for shampoo’s that say sulphate free, color safe, color care etc.

PS: sulphate free shampoo’s do not lather up too much, but will cleanse effectively.


Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Frequently


Wash your hair every second or third day. Less is more.

If you exercise regularly, and need to wash your hair everyday, then introduce a cleansing conditioner into your hair care regime.

A cleansing conditioner is a mild cleanser that will leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean without striping your colour.

PS: Cleansing conditioner does not replace your normal shampoo.


Protein Is Essential


Color treated hair needs protein treatments to replenish the hair with protein after a chemical service. Your hair is made up of protein. Every time you colour your hair or have a chemical service, the hair cuticle lifts to allow the colour  molecule to penetrate and deposit. Protein treatments will go in and help strengthen the hair and allow it to repair itself after these services.

Home Care Routine Is super Important


How long your colour lasts and how good it looks, depends on how well the color was done at the salon and how well you look after it at home.

30% on the salon and 70 % on your home care.

Here is a quick guide on how to care for it :

Step 1. Shampoo twice

Step 2. Use a conditioner always after every shampoo

Step 3. Use a leave in conditioner

These 3 steps are non negotiable, and a must for every head of coloured hair.

Deep condition your hair at least once a week. This will keep the hair well nourished, colour will look fresh and vibrant for longer.

Always use heat protectant before blow drying and ironing or curling your hair.

Do Not Wet Your Hair In Shower


Wear a shower cap when in the shower on your non shampoo days. Water contains a lot of minerals and hard chemicals that will effect your hair colour.

If possible use a shower filter on the shower head. While this may sound over the top, but preventing your hair from getting wet unnecessarily will prevent mineral build up.


Use Alcohol Free Styling Products


Use Styling products that contain no alcohol. Alcohol will leave your hair feeling dry and brittle, causing split ends and breakage.

Keep use of styling products that contain alcohol such as hair sprays and gels to a minimum, or opt for color safe styling products.