Going blonde is a process and when done properly the end result is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Whether you are a natural blonde wanting to go a shade or two brighter or you are brunette beauty looking for a complete hair transformation, the only way to go lighter is using bleach also known as lighteners.

Bleaching your hair is quite a serious process and involves a lot of science behind it. It is a chemical process which can have a disastrous effect on your hair and the end result if not done properly. In short, think of it as a two-step process.

Step one: Bleach contains ammonia (or similar) ingredient. This is alkaline in nature and it opens up the hair cuticle (the outer most layer of your hair). This lets the hair lightener or bleach to penetrate through and do its job.

Step Two: The hair lightener then starts to break down the natural colour pigment of your hair into smaller particles, so small that your hair then starts to look lighter. The natural pigment has not gone anywhere, it’s just broken in smaller particles so that light gets through it and visually hair starts to look lighter.

Now, the thing to take note of here is that every time you lighten your hair, the pigment is broken down further to achieve a lighter look and as part of this process between 15% to 20% of the disulphide bonds are also broken. As you know, 80% of your hair is protein. So, it’s crucial to leave this lightening process to skilled professionals. They know what they are doing and also know how to combat and prevent this protein loss.

It takes a lot of skill and cares to ensure the correct application with no overlapping and in a timely manner.

Left too long you end up with damaged hair, not left for the right length of time and you end up with yellow hair, so time is of the essence. Not only do the professionals know how to do this correctly, but they also will be able to give you a custom plan to ensure you have the perfect blonde each time. Especially if you are going for a major transformation.

Going slow and in a systematic way will keep your hair healthy all along, making the blonde look its best at all times.


PH BONDER:  An absolute must when embarking on your blonde journey. This three-step system protects those di-sulphide bonds during the lightening process. Adding this to your hair appointment can make the difference between it taking six sessions to get you the dream colour versus three.

HOME CARE: The right home care before, after and between appointments is absolutely crucial to maintaining healthy strong hair. A few must-haves are:

Redken Extreme Cat Protein Reconstructing Hair Treatment Spray.

Whenever you use hair bleach, a chemical called cysteic acid is produced, which is what breaks down the hair; this spray-on, leave-in treatment neutralizes that damaging acid. As if that weren’t enough, it also evens out the porosity of the hair, so you end up with a more even color and tone, she adds. Her stylist secret: Start using it even before you color your hair, after every third shampoo for the month prior to your appointment. Then, use it every second shampoo post-coloring. 

Another top product pick is the Redken Extreme Length Sealer Split-End Treatment. With both protein and biotin, it’s choice for helping to strengthen the hair, and an especially good option if your strands are both long and light. Try using that after every second shampoo, applying on damp or dry hair, focusing on mid-lengths to ends.

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