Hair Transformations

A Hair Transformation is the beginning of a Life Transformation 💇

A Hair transformation is nothing short of life transformation. It is a great way to make a statement and express your individuality. 

When done right a hair transformation can build your confidence and enhance the feel good factor. The right colour and style can make you look younger, brighter and vibrant. On the flip side, the wrong colour or style will make you look older and really lower your confidence.

Your hair appointment should be an enjoyable experience and not a confusing one. Whether it is your first time colouring your hair or you have been doing this for a long time, you are allowed to take your time and ask questions about what is right for you.

Not sure what to look for or ask for? Well here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a look for yourself.

Will this color suit me ?

It is very tempting to pick a picture from Pinterest or Google and walking into a salon and asking for that color. 

Choosing the right color is a bit more than looking through instagram, pinterest and google. Your skin tone and eye color are key factors that should be considered when choosing a color for you.

For example, ashy blondes and strong silver tones will suit those that have fair skin with pink in their skin tone. Conversely rich browns and Chestnut tones will suit those that have a warmer skin tone.

This definitely does not mean that you have to be restricted to certain colours only, or eliminate certain color groups  all it means is you should look for the right tone . 

What is the maintenance like for this colour?

Now that you have picked the perfect colour for yourself, ask about the maintenance required to keep the color looking amazing all the time.

Certain colours require more maintenance than others. No point getting a color that you cannot maintain.

Example, Vibrant colours such as red, Ashy tones, greys and pearls require maximum maintenance due to their vibrancy, they tend to oxidise pretty quickly.

If you are looking for a low maintenance color may be consider a balayage or ombre. Stay with tones that will last a bit longer.

What is the best home care for your color ?

The right home care is extremely important to maintain the shine, vibrancy and integrity of your hair. 

Using a sulphate free shampoo is extremely important especially when you have just invested in a beautiful color. 

While this may seem not such a big deal, it works wonders on the longevity of your colour and health of your hair.

A leave in conditioner and weekly mask, they all contribute towards keeping your hair looking fabulous and color lasting.

How long will the results last ?

While hair color maintenance is important, it’s also good to understand the timeline of the hair color itself.

Some colors may last longer on the hair, while others tend to fade more quickly.

It all comes down to how well your hair type can hold color as well as the texture of the hair itself.

Talking through this point with your stylist will help you to better understand the shelf life of your soon-to-be hair color.

How often should you wash your hair?

Once your hair beautifully coloured, pay attention to your hair routine.

Over washing your hair will strip some of the color and cause the color to fade quickly.

Some colours fade quicker than the others , so ask your stylist how often to wash.

You may want to consider using a dry shampoo or cleansing conditioners for the in between washes.

Deep cleansing shampoos will also cause colour to fade.

Can color cause any irritation ?

Always discuss any allergies or sensitivities you may have . While most colors now a days are gentle, and salon are moving towards colours that are gentle on your scalp and skin, it worth mentioning and discussing this prior to your appointment.

Most salons can do a patch test very easily, nice and easy way to rule out the possibilities of a reaction.

Also, if you are on any medication, or have had chemical treatments in the past do let your stylist know.

How long will it take to get your desired colour?

This is one of the most important thing to consider when wanting to go blonde or a big change.

Going blonde is a journey, it take time, patience and lots of care and love for your hair.

Please resit the temptation to put a box dye or DIY projects, It will only slow down the process and undo all the good work .

Discuss with your stylist how long before you have your desired colour and what will the in between stages look like.

Make an informed choice, going blonde is a commitment only do it of you are sure and ready to follow through.

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    I use to be naturally blonde. I would love to win this competition. Please still consider me I would greatly appreciate any chance I can get. I have always followed your posts are amazed with the results.

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