HAIR BREAKAGE: What Causes Hair Breakage & How to Manage It

Hair breakage is quite a common occurrence, this could be due to chemical or mechanical treatments.

Chemical treatments such as colour, lighteners, Chemical straightening is also known as re-bonding or perming. Mechanical Services: Heat styling with blow dryers, straighteners or exposure to air conditioners, sunlight, water salts, and many others. No matter what causes the damage the end result is not pretty. Hair looks dull, dehydrated with split ends.

Hair breakage occurs when the hair has been compromised and the hair’s proteins are weakened.

Distressed hair strand will look fluffy, fly away and frayed. Split ends are a sure sign of hair breakage and damaged hair.


Some of the common mistakes people tend to make in their attempt to repair or prevent hair breakage are:

Pulling Split Ends Apart: This is a big no-no, sure it may be very satisfying at the time and might even make your hair look slightly better at the moment, but you will pay for it in the long run.

Straightening Hair: Adding heat to already damaged hair is another big mistake. Yes, cosmetically it does look better once heat is applied and the rough ends are smoother, it’s causing more damage.

The Redken Extreme range is designed to repair and restore damaged hair. Breakage is caused when protein bonds are depleted, if this is caused due to chemical services, then the hair is lacking protein bond connection. It is important not to load hair with heavy conditioners or treatments (hair breakage is a sign hair needs protein, not hydration. Most treatments are designed to hydrate your hair). The solution here is to strengthen and fortify the hair.

The Redken Extreme haircare system, when used as a complete system, will help restore the strength back into your strands. Redken Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner and The Redken Extreme anti-snap leave-in treatment when used as a system can reduce hair breakage by 73%. Formulated with a strengthening protein complex, this product provides benefits to ensure hair that is healthy-looking and resilient.

Anti-snap is a leave-in conditioner used at home once you are out of the shower, on towel-dried hair. Apply on damp hair and style as usual.

Discuss your concerns with your stylist. They know and understand hair; they can help identify what it is your hair needs and help you with treating is properly. Remember there are a number of salon treatments designed to repair and nourish your hair. If you are considering a big makeover, ask your stylist about how you can minimise the effects of chemicals on your hair.

Prevention is always better than cure 🙂

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