Here are seven reasons why your hair colour might be fading …..

Here are the top seven reasons that could be affecting your fresh color.

As a general guide, wash your hair every second or third day. Always follow up with a conditioner.

TIP: If you play sport or go to the gym, and feel like you need to wash your hair every day, then try using a Dry shampoo or a cleansing conditioner. These products have been designed for those in between days and work a treat.


Swimming pool water contains chlorine and some other chemical that can affect your hair colour, causing it to fade or look dull.

Tip: Apply some conditioner or oil to your hair before jumping into the pool. This will create a barrier and prevent the chlorine effecting your hair. You might be wondering why swimming could be a culprit in your coloured hair fading. Well, this is because swimming pools contain chorine and chlorine is too harsh for the hair. If you had your hair coloured, you may want to stay away from the pool for a while

Use Sunscreen

Just like your Skin, your hair needs UV protection. The UV rays are harsh and just as bad for your hair as they are for your skin. The sunlight direct or indirect will cause the colour to fade and will also leave hair dry.

TIP: Use a leave in conditioner with UV protection or use a heat protection even on days you are not using a styling tool (Straightener or blow dryer). Your hair will love you for this .

Avoid Styling Products That Contain Alcohol

Always check the hair products you buy and apply on your hair. Products that contain alcohol can damage your coloured hair leave it dry and also can leave a residue coating the hair that makes it look dull.

TIP: Always spray in some leave in conditioner before spraying the styling product. This creates a barrier and will prevent your hair absorbing the alcohol from the styling product.

Avoid Hot Showers

Hot water is another form of heat you should avoid. Hot water is neither good for hyour hair nor for your skin. It will dry your skin and hair leaving them dehydrated and looking dull.

TIP: Wash your hair with warm water and then if you can give it a cold blast. This will lock all the natural oils and also the moisture from the conditioner, leaving your hair well hydrated and shiny. You pretty much are shocked, aren’t you?! Yes, hot water can cause your hair colour to fade because hot water can dry your hair. It is best to wash your hair with warm water then after conditioning it, rinse with cold water to lock in the moisture.

Be Gentle with your hair

Hair is in its most fragile state when wet. The Friction from towel drying can leave the hair looking frizzy. Colour looks its best on smooth hair.

TIP: Use a Microfiber cloth to dry your hair in a soft dabbing manner to avoid colour fading and hair going frizzy.

Regular Deep Conditioning Treatments

Hair colour looks its best on hair that is well nourished and hydrated. Regular deep conditioning treatments or masks will keep hair in its optimum state. Colour will look vibrant and last longer.

TIP: Do a weekly mask once a week or pop into a salon for a treatment and indulge in a luxurious head massage at the same time.Conditioner is not always the answer to soft and smooth hair. Conditioning your hair is for maintenance but hair treatments is a must especially for coloured hair. Not only will it make the colour vibrant, but it will also prevent your hair from getting brittle and frizzy.

New hair color whether just for maintenance or a big transformation is a chemical service. Looking after your coloured hair is imperative. It requires the right level of hydration and protein both for your new color to last well and also to keep your hair looking healthy and nourished.

Colour results will always look best on nourished hair that is well hydrated. Ask your stylist on how to care for your hair.

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