Before you go blonde, read this!

A 7-part checklist to have your hair blonde, fabulous and healthy!


Making that momentous decision to go blonde can be a fun one!

Often, going blonde, or going lighter, can make you feel like a new woman. You feel vibrant, confident and sassy!

As the saying goes, blondes have more fun and dammit – you want to have more fun!!

So, you want to go blonde – what do you do now?


Well, it doesn’t matter what shade of hair you’re starting out with, there is always a process for going blonde and I am going to share with you my 7-part checklist to have your blonde journey a fun and successful one!


Because…we all know that one friend who used some home peroxide and box colour to go blonde – only to end up with bright orange hair that snaps off every time you touch it – whoops!


So, here is where you start when you make the decision to go blonde:


Part 1: NEVER DIY blonde. Like, EVER. Whether you have virgin hair (hair that’s never been coloured) or you’ve been box dying your hair since you were 16 – going blond is serious business. Going blonde requires science, chemicals and professional techniques – if you don’t want to damage your hair put the peroxide away.


Part 2: DO YOUR RESEACRH! Yep, going blonde is not a simple as saying, ‘I want to go blonde.’ Research other women with the same colouring and similar features as you and see what shades of blonde suit them best and that you like most.


Part 3: Decide on your level of commitment to the maintenance of your new blonde do. Going blonde is a time and money commitment. If you are not naturally light in colour, you will experience noticeable re-growth.


And if you’re quite dark to start with, your hair will also need protein and hydration treatments to maintain its natural health.  So how committed to being blonde are you prepared to be?


If you’re going blonde from the roots to the tips (even if you’re just having some foils or highlights put in), you will need touch up appointments every 4 to 6 weeks. If you’re considering an Ombre look or Balayage, you still need to re-visit your salon at least every 2 to 3 months so that you can have your blonde toner refreshed!


Going blonde is not a onetime deal – you’ve got to make time for maintenance.


Part 4: Consider the dollar value. Going blonde doesn’t have to be super expensive but it does require regular maintenance appointments which means more money. And that’s not even considering the fact that sometimes (if not often) going blonde requires a few appointments along the way.


The goal for any hairdresser when taking their clients lighter is that they maintain the integrity of the hair. Which means more often than not, you will need 2 to 3 appointments to achieve the desired blonde you are going for – especially if you have quite dark hair or you’ve got lots of colours layered in. Which brings us to Part 5…


Part 5: Understand the lightning process so you know NEVER to rush it! And it starts with understanding that hair colours work in levels that go from Level 1 to Level 10. Level one being the darkest or blue black and level 10 being platinum blonde. Where your current hair colour is on the scale will determine how long the lightening process will take.


Using different bleaches and strengths of peroxide we can remove anywhere between 5 to 8 levels of colour in a single session – but, this depends on how healthy and natural your hair is to start with. The healthier it is, the easier it is to speed up the lightening process. If it’s been coloured a lot, there is always a colour build up which makes the lightening process a little longer.


Now, if you WERE to rush the lightening process, some of the damage you can expect would be hair that is dull and dehydrated, colour and toner wash out too fast because there’s nothing for them to hold on to, and brittle hair that snaps off. It is sooooo not worth rushing the process!!


Part 6: Consult your stylist and figure out how long the lightening process is going to take for you. This is the start of your exciting journey to blonde!! This is where you talk with your stylist about shades, tones, and textures. They will talk you through what blonde will suit your colouring best and will address the state of your hair health as well as it’s natural texture and porosity.


They also consider things like have you had any chemical straightening treatments or smoothing treatments? Do you use heat tools to style your hair at home? Do you swim at the beach a lot, or in your chlorine pool? Are you exposed to the sun a lot? All the necessary questions to make sure your blonde transformation has the best chance of lasting long and looking great!


Once they have become one with your hair and talked you through the process, the maintenance and the home care – it is time to begin!


Part 7: Get ready for your blonde adventure! Because going blonde is a process you get to have a new look every 4 to 6 weeks which makes going blonde FUN! Enjoy the journey.


While going blonde IS fun, it seems like you need to consider a lot once you’ve made the decision to go blonde. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it’s just really important to be 100% aware of the entire process. We wouldn’t want you to get half way through the process only to run out of time or money and be stuck with a shade of blonde that does nothing to make you feel good.


And we are here to make you look and FEEL your best every step of the way! So, if you ARE ready to go blonde, then we have a chair ready for you in our salon – come and say hey XO.



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